Sunday, 6 March 2022

More Than Just a Movie

What is your dedication to the Democratic principles of national autonomy and representational government? Foreign aid? Rationing and inflation? Years of military conflict?

Hitler was elected in 1933. Nazi Germany took over Austria in 1938. The German resistance consisted of small, isolated groups and was unable to conduct widespread political opposition. Resistance was more organised in occupied countries. Hundreds of thousands of them were murdered. The Allies won WWII in 1945 with the military involvement of several world powers.

Ukraine will require foreign aid in order to keep a democracy in place for as long as possible. Then military assistance will have to be funnelled to guerilla groups resisting Russia. Money and material aid will need to be entered to a variety of underground resistance organisations.

Here at home, there will be more inflation. More shortages. Outages. More and larger public programmes will be needed, else many will suffer immeasurably.  People will die in zones of military conflicts and occupation.

So. Many. People. Will. Die.

It will be hell. Are you at all ready for this?

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