Tuesday, 31 December 2019

On White Gayness in the 2010s

One of the ways that I remember the 2010s is how we white gays ignored Black People. We won a victory at SCOTUS whilst Black People's voting rights were decimated. None of us noticed. None of us cared.

Mass incarceration continued to spiral out of control. Black Children were killed by cops and lay-folk alike. More power has been added to the police state. Yet whilst Black People's have been struggling for their very lives, we have been trumpeting laws and court cases that would improve our own lot in life.

Black transgender women are slaughtered in this country. We white gays react after the fact, but we do nothing to ensure that Black Transgender people are stably housed, gainfully employed, given access to nutritious foods, or provided healthcare - all of which are necessary to remain more out of the reach of bigoted murderers.

May we begin to care - to really and truly care - in the 2020s and beyond.