Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Segregation Is Not a Moral Value

There are plenty of religious leaders with values out there. We don't need to resort to following bigots who favour segregation and compare love to beastiality.

Friday, 9 May 2014

This Mother's Day

1. Happy Mother's Day to all of the fine mothers out there. You've brightened my world and shown me the Face of God/the sunshine up above, directly as well as through the brilliance that is your children. Thank you.

2. To those of you who have loved and lost, whoever you are, whomever it is that you've loved and lost, {{{huggg}}}. *slips kleenex into your hand*

3. To all of us, a reminder, or some reminders. Don't assume. Don't assume that others have had wonderful childhoods and owe their mothers anything on this or any other day. Don't assume that someone who is childless now hasn't ever had children, or didn't want children, or did want them, or has never been pregnant. Don't assume that only people who have had miscarriages have lost children. Don't assume that all women have uteruses. And don't ask, either. Don't assume that all men don't have uteruses. And don't ask. Don't assume that those without uteruses, male or female, have never mothered a child. Don't assume that this is a Happy Day for everyone. Be ready to offer comfort, or not, as best fits the situation and the person in question. Embrace all - literally or figuratively, as best fits the situation and the person in question. Pour love into the universe, without filtering for mothers. Just pour it out there, for everyone.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Last Days with Old Mama

Send lots of hug vibes to this poor babe. Her days are numbered.


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