Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Problem Is That America Is Back

My post on twitter in reply to President-elect Joe Biden, with Biden's tweet first.

Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) "America is back."

Freedom2B (@Freedom22BB) Replying to @JoeBiden
"Well-hidden detention centres are still concentration camps. Silent deportation is still expulsion of immigrants. Unacknowledged cop murders of Black People are still state-based lynchings.

"The problem is precisely that America is back.

"Make America More Just."
3:59 PM · Nov 24, 2020

Election-Day Sunrise 2020

Sunrise on election day, Tues 03 November 2020.

Line of orange rests atop dark horison. Hidden sun casts off a layer of deep yet brilliant yellow. Clouds lie above that layer, containing dark grey with highlights of dark, dusted rose pink. The sky above the clouds blends from a light dusty purple to a cold, oceanic blue.

Monday, 9 November 2020

The Insulting, Disenfranchising Filth of Clinton's Anti-Poor Policies

Mum worked a full-time service sector job that broke her body, furthered her path towards diabetes, damaged her mental health (fatphobic and sexist management), and ate into the time that she could have spent in class or studying for her Bachelor's degree. She survived multiple instances of severe suicidal ideation by the skin of her teeth and because a professor cum friend leveraged her status and privilege to help Mom get access to mental health care - all whilst Mom was working a back-breaking service sector job, raising three children, and going to college.

Clinton's destruction of aid to the poor kept my family in extreme poverty for the entirety of my childhood. We went without electricity several times, for days and weeks at a time. We went without heat. Our water well dried up because of the filthy racist/labour trafficking I'm sure sexually abusing agricultural entrepreneur across the road, and of course we had zero financial means of digging a new well. We drove two miles up the road once or twice per week to fill pails and jugs with water at my aunt's place so that we could drink, cook, bathe, and drink.

I learnt nothing of the appreciation for work that those wealthy conservative white male policymakers thought that they would teach me. I learnt resentment for the entire capitalist system. I learnt how exploitative it was of BIPOC and the poor.

Clinton and his many racist, disenfranchising policies can rot in hell.

Friday, 6 November 2020

Slavery Is Today's Living Memory

Today's StoryCorps episode, as aired on NPR's NPR Morning Edition, a woman of grandmotherly age described learning from her great-grandmother, Sylvia, about Sylvia's experiences gaining literacy after attaining freedom subsequent to the Civil War.

That is to say, there are Black People ALIVE TODAY who PERSONAL KNEW formerly enslaved people.

Don't let anyone say anything to you about how the chattel enslavement of Black People in the States is all in the past. It isn't. It is directly part of the stories of people who are alive today.

Michigan Republicans Have No Integrity

Do you know which party the KKK took over here in Michigan as it swept county party to county party to county party? Republican. This was before even the 1948 walkout of the Dixiecrats. It was all the way back to 1924, when we whites issuing history revisionist apologia like to claim that It WaS dEmOcRaTs WhO sTaRtED tHe KkK!

Now, we have a party that actively colludes with white supremacist militias which take part in terrorist activities. They go to protests held by those militias. They get their photos taken when them. They support their political agendas. Nothing has changed in this state. White supremacist violence continues to control our politics.

Michigan's history of Republican collusion with white supremacists stretches back for nearly a century. There is no way that anyone here can convince me that they have had any integrity.