Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Racism at EMU, Remember Aiyana

More racist graffiti was found on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. EMU students have been subjected to carious forms of racism.

Taylor Amari Little: "Stop treating these incidents like they are not forms of terrorism."


Nikki CreativeMind Carson
"By definition, these are acts of terrorism and should be treated as such. Whoever is doing this does not seem to think that they will have to face any repercussions behind this, but that is far from the truth. It is time to be on administration's back like calls, emails, whatever it takes for our demands to be met. We will get our changes and we will get justice." 


Alexcia Yelder:
"'We can talk about race and all that later, this is life threatening. Historically, when this stuff happens we know it's not just a conversation starter,' said Alexcia Yelder, EMU student. 'This is not the gateway for race related discussions. I want us to be safe. I was just at Ford Hall last night, and what if I walked by the person doing it? I can't even think,' she continued."

Sierra Witcher at work.

Remember Aiyana: Detroit protesters to appear in court.

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