Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Saturday, 8 August 2015

I Love the Love That Is in You

Words: 'I love the Love that is in you."
Background Colour: black.
Text: Monotype Corsiva, 75. Red 255, green 179, blue 255.
     * Rainbow that waves diagonally from upper left-hand corner, where it is most slender, to lower right-hand corner, where it flares out at its widest. White division lines between each colour of rainbow, liberal sprinkling of white stars make for sparkly effect.

     * Pink heart, same colour as text, containing word "Love" (noun).

     * F2B proprietary logo.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Dogsitting Adventures, August 2015

More photos and updates to be added to this very space! Come back for more.

Friday 07 August 2015

I always enjoy being able to make extravagant salads using a balsamic vinegar. Here e have romaine lettuce, tomato, yellow beans, and blueberries - some of which have been crushed so that their flavour blends with the dressing. Cheese and toast is also a simple meal fave (protein, fibre). I think though, that I've chopped more cheese than I can eat? It shall be my afternoon snack later on. hahhaa :)

It is also possible to see future pizza toppings. The yellow circles are summer squash. Yup. That's how I roll.

The darker one is now asleep.

 Saturday 08 August 2015, Morning

When lil guy misses Mommy.

Just not very interested in food. Yet. I am holding out hope.

Eat, lil man. Eat. <3

Asking where Mommy is. I will join them on the couch soon. My On-Couch-With-Dogs selfie-taking skills are zero so far. hahahaha

10:00 am - Note that they shifted positions. We all got some cuddling in yesterday - and a nap, all of us, on the couch. :)

7:00 pm - Cuddling and sleeping achieved, and guess who ate? Hoping that tomorrow goes even better for lil guy. They were both barking at something while they were outside.

Sunday 09 August 2015

Unitarian Universalist of Midland, MI. Black Lives Matter. Awesome stuff. Pain, not so much. But hey, life. Life is damned good.

The dogs are awesome, and the problem eater is EATING. :) Speaking of eating, here is my lunch.

Oh, and canine co-sleeping was also accomplished once again. This time, the elder dog slept *on* me.

Monday 10 August 2015

Some really lovely flowers out there, before the rain.

I've been doing well by certain of my pain medicines, so I feel... Well, I feel functional. :)

Guess who has been eating his foooood? hahahaha So I gave them both a treat. (I'm always giving them treats, though - will he notice the difference?)

Aren't they just gorgeous? <3

Obligatory lunch photo.
Unitarian Universalist of Midland is beautiful. So is the LGBTQ Muslim Retreat.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Some friends and I took a walk in Diendorfer Woods in Saginaw.

Me being all daring and stuff around three-leaf plants (though I don't really think that they are poison ivy:).

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Enjoying the sunshine.

Thursday 13 August 2015

PTSD Trigger Day.
"Awww, you're feeling bad? Rub my tummy and you'll feel better. <3"

"Where's the food?"

The other pup gave me that face, too: