Sunday, 2 May 2004

Asad: "It's Not Genocide" - Me: "It's Genocide, Stupid!"

I can't believe that I forgot this post until now. I had been trying to post up everything in chronological order, and this ruins it. Ahh well, c'est la vie, eh? Please note that I am making a play on words with my title line. I do not think that Asad is "stupid", nor is it my intention to say as such. I am only twisting a popular saying.

During the call-in segment of the Tusday 27 April 2004 Flashpoints show at about the 48-minute mark, Asad Abu Khalil responded to a caller who said that what is happening in Fallujah and all of Iraq is genocide by saying that he (Asad) does not think that what has been happening [in Fallujah/Iraq] is genocide: "I think that if American bombs were being dropped on a white population in Europe, there would be more outrage than what we see for Iraq. I think that the religion of the people in Iraq were [other than] Islam, again, there would be more outrage. [However], I do not want to use words such as genocide. I think that one has to be more precise in the use of language, as bad as things are."

My opinion is certainly different. What is occurring in Fallujah and throughout all of Iraq under the illegal US occupation is nothing less than genocide. And with this late posting, might I also add that the recent airing in the US* of the illegal abuse of Iraqi prisoners fits only too well into the picture of American genocide of the Iraqi people.

*Of course, anyone who keeps up with the news has known for some time that this kind of abuse has been occurring in Iraq.