Thursday, 6 October 2016

When Are You Not in My Mind?

When are you not in my mind,
or your hand not in mine?
I am grateful that none of my nights
I am now away from you.

If things are that difficult there,
sell the heart, give up life,
Don't such conditions exist, my friends,
in my lover's neighborhood?

The swagger with which one enters
the execution chamber - that hubris
lives on; life comes and goes,
this life is not such a big deal!

Faith's arena is not a palace,
no one cares for the name or genealogy;
no one is named Lover,
love is not the caste of anyone.

If this is a contest for love,
lay down what you can, without fear
wonderful if you win,
If you lose, it is not a defeat.
-Faiz Ahmed Faiz


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