Monday, 8 June 2015

Return of Happiness?

You know, I brought a protein bar upstairs because I have been losing the desire to eat and was worried that I would simply skip supper. A surprise for me, though: I actually did grab some eggs and several vegetables and made an omelet. This morning, my interest in "my activities" has begun to return; and I have caught myself smiling spontaneously.

Oh, and I saw a bird in the bush. For real. It closely resembled a cactus wren, but I am in Michigan - not Arkansas. I also remember this bird being more brown, with less white. Here is an image of a cactus wren.

It might have been a form of thrush. Here is a photo of a song thrush.

It stayed right there in the lilac bush, looking at me while I cooed at how beautiful it was. :)

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