Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Call Racism for What It Is (a response to the responses to Patricia Arqette)

Hi, Everyone
I get it. We don't like to admit the hard truths that exist among us. We dislike it even more when something that is deeply entrenched in us is splashed across national TV and swiftly - and rightly - condemned.

However, we need to stop using fancy words to identify the dark stain that resides in many Americans' hearts as a way of hiding what is now obvious within ourselves. We need to stop hiding behind complex concepts.

When Patricia Arquette said that LGBTIQ people (whom she merely called "gays") and people of colour needed to help women, she was being patently heterosexist and racist.

Not comfortable? You're not supposed to be comfortable. Confronting the evil within is never comfortable. Ms Arquette was being a racist. All of those who have been supporting her racist (and heterosexist) assertion are also racist (and heterosexist).

And I am here and now stating that hiding behind the concept of intersectionality, especially because we are "uncomfortable" using the term "racist" is itself an act of white privilege-clinging. Yes, Ms Arquette failed miserably at being intersectional. Yes, our society needs to be intersectional.

The fact remains that Ms Arquette was being a racist. The fact remains that our society is deeply and systemically racist. It is time for us to grow ourselves a collective spine, look this evil in the face, and take steps to destroy it.

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