Tuesday, 13 April 2004

USA, the Ethnic Cleanser of the World

To: Sunday Salon, KPFA
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004
Subject: I think that he is right

A caller has just claimed that the US government was compliant in the 9-11 attacks and had something to benefit from it. I cannot help but agree. In fact, watching the events in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq and comparing them to the lackadaisical way in which the US government failed to respond to obvious hijacking attempts on 9-11, I would dare say that the US has benefited and is trying to continue benefiting from the demoralisation of the common person, wherever he might live. I honestly think that the US is either compliant or fully participating in genocides around the world, and I hope that we all wake up before the next one happens in the US - again, after the decimation of the indigenous population here.

I don't think that it has as much to do with benefits in the way of corporate wealth as much as increase of political power by certain individuals.

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