Friday, 9 April 2004

Imperialism Begins at Home

To: Al Zawiya

> As the head of state has said prudently and more
> effectively, the nations of Pakistan, Afghanistan and
> Iraq are the victims of terrorism today. They were
> seized and oppressed by some terrorists.

assalamu `alaykum

And those terrorists speak a miserably broken Spanish with a nasty Texan drawl, thump Bibles, and proclaim their god as being "bigger" than our God.

The Muslim world has recently been made witness to the imperialistic and, according to many, terrorist attacks against it by the Western world - mainly the United States. Have we forgot so soon how people like Saddam got into power? Has it fled our minds so quickly that both Kuwait and Iraq were relatively free of what is called "terrorism" before the United States invaded, bombed into smitherines, and occupied the region? How soon have we lost sight of just who it is that has been violating international law and attacking civilians? Just *who* is the real terrorist?

Even in America the people have begun to call it "Occupied States of America". Little did we realise that imperialism begins at home.

wassalamu `alaykum

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