Tuesday, 6 April 2004

DemNow's Interview of Asad Abu Khalil

We Shi`ah Muslims do not take well to the undignified smearing of our `ulama - today, in the form of the debigration of Ayatullah as-Sadr's scholarly ability in the Arabic language and other academic fields. We Shi`ah Muslims are a people who hold our `ulama in high regard and demonstrate a great deal of respect for them. Therefore, we consider it an insult against our own persons when anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, says a word against any one of them.

On a few other notes: 1) The coverage of the fall of democracy in Haiti was excellent, and I am extremely grateful in light of the whiteout from other media outlets. Thank you. 2)...[The complimentary section continued in a way that reveals personal details of the author, and the author does not want it to be publicised]

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