Monday, 20 April 2020

Stop (Mis)Diagnosing Trump

Hi. I am mentally ill. Here are some things that I am not:
* capricious
* greedy
* self-centred
* wilfully racist
* a proponent of libertarianism
* unfair, save to the wealthy and powerful
* inspired by autocrats

trump Is not guided by any mental illness. Racism is not a mental illness. Neither is greed. Nor is obsession with autocracy. None of these things or other behavioural problems present in That Man can be found in the DSM.

Please. Stop equating his disgusting ideology with mental illness. There is a canyon of a difference between the two.

He makes choices. We live with monsters in our heads.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

On White Gayness in the 2010s

One of the ways that I remember the 2010s is how we white gays ignored Black People. We won a victory at SCOTUS whilst Black People's voting rights were decimated. None of us noticed. None of us cared.

Mass incarceration continued to spiral out of control. Black Children were killed by cops and lay-folk alike. More power has been added to the police state. Yet whilst Black People's have been struggling for their very lives, we have been trumpeting laws and court cases that would improve our own lot in life.

Black transgender women are slaughtered in this country. We white gays react after the fact, but we do nothing to ensure that Black Transgender people are stably housed, gainfully employed, given access to nutritious foods, or provided healthcare - all of which are necessary to remain more out of the reach of bigoted murderers.

May we begin to care - to really and truly care - in the 2020s and beyond.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Gay Males' Eight Layers Showing Again

I cannot remember the year; but within days of dismantling the VRA, SCOTUS granted the right to gay marriage. I think that there was also an affirmative action case, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how it went.

All of the white gay males were all over their little victory. They demanded that transgender people wait their turn. They whined and threw tempter tantrums whenever the VRA was discussed. I had been interacting with the movement in the lead-up to these rulings. Some weeks before the rulings were delivered, I washed my hands of cis white gay males, because their racism and transphobia were coming undeniably into the light. They revealed themselves for what they are. I declared that gay marriage didn't need my help. It had plenty of supporters.

Voting rights have once again been thrown into the ditch with the Ohio gerrymandering case, but all that the cis white gay males can talk about is their rights to work and such.

Whenever anyone posts about this case, my silence is my answer. I will be with transgender people and Black People as much as I knownhow, reading what they are reading and acting, to the extent that I know how, in accordance with information that I gain.

Again: Cis white gay males have a huge problem with racism - especially misogynoir.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

On 9/11, This Day in 2019

I remember that day. That was my first year of being Muslim. On that day, I was beyond Muslim, beyond American. I was a human overwhelmed with the knowledge that other humans were enduring every sensation and emotiin that surely they must have been experiencing. I knew it in those moments, and I felt so fucking sick.

To return to classes the next day and face the hatred - granted, mild and never with threats or acts of violence as was visited on Muslims of Colour - was confusing and painful. I've grown numb to realising what victims of terrorism endure by now, but hearing about events like the homophobic terrorist attack on Pulse or the white supremacist terrorist attack in Christchurch, NZ still makes me feel sick. Now that I know how certain whites react to certain acts of terrorism, I also feel dread.

What benefits me the most is to experience community reach out and holding each other, sharing love with each other, shutting up the bigotry that happens in their social circles, sharing meals, holding game days, going to movie-watching gatherings, making music together, building communities based on love. When love builds, I feel less of that tight nausea in my gut.

I call for that kind of community as often as I do because I want others to experience that same release - that same relaxation from tension, that same sense of security with others, that same rise in oxytocin and dopamine and other biochemicals of love. We all deserve to feel good with each other.