Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Birthday Present Appeal!

Help Me Go to Saginaw for the Election

While this package will be in celebration of my birthday, most of it will take place around Election Day. My hope is to be in Saginaw for Election Day. The most central elements will be gas money for transportation, as well as a bit more for bus transportation. Anyone whom I already know is welcome to "donate" to my birthday fund by offering to transport me for free. There are also free-of-charge items that you can get me. :)

* Gas and bus money: $45 on a Visa Gift Card, available here at Visa's website. Visa charges an additional $5 or less for the card. An alternative is a donated trip to Saginaw and then another donated trip back, as well as some (in-person) donated bus money.

* A place to stay. This would be a gift from someone whom I already know and can be divvied out among a few different people, if you all like. The important thing is that I be in Saginaw late Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and either sometime Saturday or really quite early on Sunday morning.

* An accountability buddy to remind me to get an absentee ballot. NO CHARGE TO YOU. :)

ADDITIONAL EXTRAS (after essentials are filled)
The last two are not time-restricted. Just get it in Before Easter, is all.

* I have a birthday wish list here. You do not have to know me to get me these. I would love to get that Saginaw trip settled first, of course.

* The Sunday Paper - either the Detroit Free Press or the Saginaw News are fine. Just the one paper, no subscriptions. You would have to know me to get this to me. The Sunday before elections or the Sunday after is fine.

* Some birthday text messages. Almost no charge to you! Let's just say send those on Election Day, since that will be a high communications day, anyway. Good-morning texts are especially cool.

* Watch election news with me. I might set up another FB event. You would have to know me. NO CHARGE TO YOU!

* Photos of your gardens/flowers posted to my FB profile (a restricted privacy setting). NO CHARGE TO YOU!

* Letters by snail mail. Obviously, you would have to know me. VERY INEXPENSIVE TO YOU!


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