Monday, 4 July 2016

Ramadan Communal Healing for Musims

We Muslims need healing. We need to do it together without outside interference.

I think that on the community level, we Muslims need to start investing our time and resources on internal self-healing at the community level. I think that this is something that would have to be done in exclusive spaces. God bless our allies, but it is we who need this.

I don't think that this is the first Ramadan that has been marred by violent troublemakers upon the earth. It certainly won't be the last. For me, this is the first Ramadan in my memory that has been so utterly destroyed by terrorist violence.

We need to come together as Muslim communities, led by mental health care professionals among us, for free events in which we learn and practise stress-reliving techniques. We need to have special worship and food-sharing functions. We need to have guided physical activities in which we can relieve stress through physical motion in a space that is safe for us. We need to make these spaces safe for us so that we can heal together during Ramadan when these evildoers want to crush our spirits with their violence.

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