Saturday, 2 July 2016

LGBTQ Muslims Exposed Heterosexism Cloaked in Religious Welcome

Working together, #LGBTMuslims exposed the bigotry of a Muslim leader who had invited Irish LGBTQs to an iftar. In the words of Dr Umar al-Qadri (Twitter, Facebook profile Facebook page), "When in Ramadan we open our doors for those who commit Kufr and Shirk, why can we not open our doors for those who commit Fisq?" For those unfamiliar with these three terms, the first two are insults against non-Muslims, while the last refers to depraved sinners. The Irish Times covered this statement of his in this article. In addition, one may see IT's tweet and their Facebook post below.

It should  be noted that Umar al-Qadri is also known to anathematise Ahmadiyya Muslims. He is on record doing so at least twice. In 2012, Al-Qadri referred to Ahmadiyya Muslims as "not Muslims." In 2016, he stated, "Ahmadis are not Muslim and all Muslims have IJMA (consensus) on this." Given the knowledge of his bigotry against LGBTQ persons, this comes as no surprise. Where there is one bigotry, one will find many others besides.

It takes more than food to be welcoming, Umar.

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