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We cannot all of us be equal while so many of us are not. Below the image is a very extensive reading list. Take advantage of it.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Explains History of Racism

* The Case for Reparations, Ta-Nehisi Coates -
* How Racism Invented Race in America, Ta-Nehisi Coates -
* Slavery Made America, Ta-Nehisi Coates -
* Home Is Where the Hatred Is, Ta-Nehisi Coates -
* How to Steal Things, Exploit People, and Avoid All Responsibility,
Ta-Nehisi Coates -

Link List in Wake of Ferguson


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(mostly my reading lists)


* White Supremacy and Racism in the Post-civil Rights Era -
* Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of
Racial Inequality in America -
* White Racism: The Basics -
* Portraits of White Racism -
* The Everyday Language of White Racism -

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Confederate Flags and Institutional Racism
Charles M. Blow, New York Times
24 June 2015
We should move overt symbols of racial division to places like museums, where they can be displayed in proper context and where education is part of the mission. ... When do we move from our consensus over taking down symbols to the much harder and more important work of taking down structures? ... Institutional racism is often like a pathogen in the blood: You can’t see it; you have to test for it. But you can see its destructive effects as it sickens the host. Furthermore, institutional racism doesn’t require the enlisting of individual racists. The machine does the discriminating.

New York Times columnist and CNN commentator Mr Blow graduated magna cum laude from Grambling State University in Louisiana, where he received a B.A. in mass communications. Blow is author of Fire Shut Up In My Bones.

“They Were So Nice”: 4 Reasons I’ve Been Nice About Racism and Why I Won’t Be Anymore
Maisha Z. Johnson, 24 June 2015
It’s demeaning for me to have to approach someone with care for their feelings as I explain the terror of life as a black person in this country. ... Ever feel like this idea of rationality is some kind of trick? Hoops for people of color to jump through to prove we’re civilized creatures worthy of respect – because we should be able to keep calm while we’re violently losing our lives.
Racist people are not being kind when they dismiss my right to demand to stay alive. Racist systems are not being kind when they keep people of color in poverty, prison, and early graves. To say the least, being impolite in the face of all of this doesn’t take away from my worth. I’m done believing that being nice defines the value of persecuted people.

Maisha Z. Johnson is the founder of Inkblot Arts, a project to amplify voices through writing, editing, and facilitation. She has an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University and a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Johnson is the author of Through Your Own Words: 51 Writing Prompts for Healing and Self-Care (Inkblot Arts 2014) and has also written a full-length collection of poetry, No Parachutes to Carry Me Home.

Confederate flag ‘debate’ is necessary, but black America still longs for real change
Lincoln Blades, The Grio
24 June 2015
Its proponents may say that I should take account of what the flag means to them, but I’m no more willing to do that than I am to question what level of nuanced pride Germans in the mid-twentieth century may have received from the swastika. ... And as I watch this debate evolve, I am filled with terror from one possible outcome: That we begin focusing so much on this Confederate flag issue that its removal becomes the context with which we gauge the lives lost in Emanuel AME church, while ignoring the far more pressing issues that are destroying the collective African-American community. ... Until we decide it’s important enough to confront the very real, systemic social ramifications of white supremacy, this debate will remain nothing more than a distraction with a false prize, meant to placate black rage while giving us the impression that we enacted change, when all we did was FINALLY agree to remove the white domestic terrorists’ loser-logo.

Lincoln Blades is founder at the critically acclaimed blog He is a writer, author, podcaster and public speaker. Blades wrote "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass".

#WakeUp: 7 Classic Revolutionary Reads for Black Millennials
Philip Jackson, The Root
24 June 2015

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