Friday, 5 June 2015

Early Summer Garden

The Sky Is Cloudy! I prefer taking photos in overcast conditions, so out I went with camera in hand.

2015.06.05. 12 noon 1244 Flower Bed: Bleeding Hearts, leaves from Iris plant, viola leaves, various wildflowers. Clicking this won't make anything magickal happen.

2015.06.05. 12 noon 1249 Emerging Pink Rose
This looks like a good photo. However, it is slightly more fuzzy than I like my close-up flower photos to be. I won't stop you from clicking it to see up close, though. :)

2015.06.05. 12 noon 1250 Emerging Friendship Rose. This photo is rather spectacular, and I certainly encourage clicking on it. If you think that the view is nice from here, you should see the details up close. Amazing stuff.

2015.06.05. 12 noon 1247 White Iris. My prize shot of the day. Click.

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