Thursday, 26 March 2015


TW: Fucking Whites Doing Shit to People

So. White with bomb at NAACP. Not terrorism. White guns down three Muslims in their home. No terrorism. White flies plane into federal building. Not terrorism. White tries to bomb MLK parade. Not terrorism. White fucking drops 150 people out of the sky using an airplane. Not terrorism.

Looks like you people have completely lost any idea of what terrorism is. You know what terrorism looks like?

This is what terrorism looks like.

Pretty sure that's a fucking terrorist. Get this - the nasty little fucker has his own goddam holiday.

More terrorism:

(Armenian genocide)

Ever wonder why it's called "New Mexico"? Because terrorists stole it from Mexico.

51st state: boxed, wrapped, and hand-delivered by terrorists.

When terrorists grabbed the Philippines.

Terrorists tanking the economy, bringing about the largest transferral of wealth from black to white hands.

A terrorist killed this innocent man.

Terrorists wearing business suits destroying our planet, too.

Oh, and that plane that fell out of the sky?
That would be a fucking terrorist, too. Fucking call shit for what the fuck it is, ok?

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