Friday, 27 March 2015

Bubble Gum Ice Cream

I like bubble gum ice cream.

I enjoy bubble gum ice cream as dessert from time to time. I get together with other aficionados to discuss which brands are the best. I keep updated on news related to bubble gum ice cream.


I do not live bubble gum ice cream 24/7. It is not plastered on my walls. I earn my living by other than bubble gum ice cream. I have several interests and hobbies which have NOTHING to do with bubble gum ice cream.

Therefore please consider the following requests of mine:
* Do not regale me with coupons for bubble gum ice cream. Like you, I also buy things like clothing, electronics, books, etc.

* Do not post photos and news article about bubble gum ice cream to my profile. I have already seen them. Remember: I am networked with other aficionados, and we keep each other up to date on the latest.

* Don't ask me about the ingredients or nutrients found in bubble gum ice cream when YOU CAN FIND THAT INFORMATION ONLINE FOR YOURSELF.

* If I am not open about my affection for bubble gum ice cream in a certain space - that is, if I have not specified that I am open about it in a certain space, DO NOT IDENTIFY ME AS SUCH THERE. Height of rudeness, that. UGH.

* When you see magnets, pyjamas, wall paintings, wrapping paper, trinket shelf nicknacks, and the like featuring bubble gum ice cream, KEEP WALKING. I don't need my abode filled with that stuff (especially if my clothing is holey, my shoes are falling apart, I am on my last tube of toothpaste, I have no hand lotion, and I don't have my own laptop on which to do my work).

* Do not walk up to me randomly in some random location and strike up a loud conversation with me about bubble gum ice cream. I have a life outside the stuff, for God's sake.

Thank you!
-Freedom to Be


  1. Great. Now I want bubble gum icecream... Know where I can get good quality?!

    1. *points to Google*

  2. How about bubble gum soda? I liked it when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it anywhere in ages.