Tuesday, 24 February 2015

White Privilege: A Concise History of Black-White Relations in the States

TRIGGER WARNING: Racism, Racist Violence, Slavery

Image: Cartoon divided into six panels, all against natural landscape background of blue sky and green earth. People depicted are two male-appearing persons of approximately the same 19- to 25-year-old age. One is a blonde white wearing short-sleeved salmon-coloured t-shirt, blue jeans, and steel grey foot-gear. The other is a black person with dark hair wearing a ragged sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of ragged long shorts. In the first three panels, the black person is chained to a large ball. In the fourth, he breaks the chains. In the fifth and sixth, the chains and ball are not depicted. Words an actions in panels:

1. White: "This is for your own good..." with hands on black person's shoulders. Black person: [thought bubble] "Not!"

2. White: "Oof!" while climbing on the back of the black person and reaching for a platform. Black person: "Hey!" while crouched.

3. White: [thought bubble] "Puff! Puff!" while standing on black person's back, settling arms on platform. Black person, on all fours: "Get OFF Me!"

4. White: [thought bubble] "Phew!" while climbing onto platform using black person's head. Black person: "Enough's ENOUGH! I'm getting UP!"

5. White: "I'm REAL sorry about being racist before. I know BETTER now," while resting on platform. Black person glares at white with arms crossed over chest.

6. Black Person: "SWELL, give me a hand up, willya?" while extending hand to white. White: "Of COURSE not! That would be REVERSE racism! Look, if I got myself up here, why can't you?" while reclining on platform.


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