Friday, 20 February 2015

Rethink Masculinity: A Reader


Impact of today's media on university student's body image in Pakistan: a conservative, developing country's perspective
Amad Naseer Khan, Aga Khan University
Salema Khalid, Aga Khan University
Hussain I. Khan, Aga Khan University
Mehnaz Jabeen, Aga Khan University

Children sexually abused on Pakistan's streets
AFP via Dawn
26 August 2011

Pakistan’s Hidden Shame: Exposing child sexual abuse and Pakistan’s ‘see no evil’ attitude
Faraz Talat, Express Tribune
06 September 2014

Mohajir Militancy in Pakistan: Violence and Transformation in the Karachi Conflict
Nichola Khan
Ch 3. See also Ch 7, "Conclusion."

Illegal Migration and Gender in a Global and Historical Perspective
Marlou Schrover
pp 131, 147

Violent Belongings: Partition, Gender, and National Culture in Postcolonial India
Kavita Daiya
Ch 2: class, perceptions of religious and ethnic differences as pretext for Partition, gendered nature of violence surrounding Partition, national identity, the male body
poss Ch 3
Ch 5, possibly beginning with Conclusion on p 180 and then reading on from beginning of chapter

All-male sonic gatherings, Islamic reform, and masculinity in northern Pakistan

Katharine Charsley

Islam sport and masculinity: Some observations on the experiences of Pakistanis in Pakistan and Bangladeshis in Britain
S Fleming, NM Khan, P Duffy, L Dugdale - HPER–Moving around the 21st century, 1994

On Muslim Male Privilege
Bina Shah
22 February 2015
"These are examples of how Muslim men can begin to undo their male privilege - by being flexible, by understanding that their individual cases must match the conditions set by the Quran, that these conditions do not translate to universal circumstances that can then be twisted and justified for anything less than the great spiritual benefit and mercy that God intended them to be. I do not believe that Islam set down rules that men could then use to their advantage, and torture women with for the rest of all eternity."

Prophecy and Masculinities: The Case of the Qur’anic Joseph
Amanullah De Sondy

Punjab Under the Mughals

South Asian Masculinity and queer identity in the family.

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