Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Eliana Dockterman Cries White Tears on TIME

Trigger Warning: The article excerpts contained below are so white privilege-clinging as to be outright racist and white supremacist.

Eliana Dickerson has taken to TIME to shed a lake of white tears over criticism of Patricia Arquette's racist comments following her speech at the Oscars-So-White. I am copy-pasting huge chunks out of that god-awfully racist piece of trash so that TIME won't be graced with even more page views.

Don’t Tear Down Patricia Arquette for a Well-Intentioned Speech
Eliana Dockterman, TIME
23 February 2015

But no good deed goes unpunished — especially on social media — and within hours of the ceremony, Arquette was being attacked by people who said she was prioritizing the rights of white women over those of LGBTQ people and people of color. These criticisms are legitimate and deserve to be heard. Still, Arquette’s heart was in the right place and it’s not right to completely dismiss one of feminism’s most visible advocates.
There was a lot to criticize at this year’s ceremonies, and the well-meaning Patricia Arquette should rank a lot lower on that list than, for example, Sean Penn.
While Gay and others had more nuanced takes on Arquette’s comments — supporting her message while critiquing her phrasing — folks on Twitter are dismissing her entirely, and that’s dangerous. Even while we recognize the problems with her speech, feminists should be careful not to tear down their best and most visible advocates.
Love her or hate her, there’s no greater public advocate for feminism in pop culture than Lena Dunham.
Different women can choose to express their feminism in different ways. But when women begin to tear down their best, most popular advocates, we hurt our own cause. As Sally Kohn wrote at The New Republic after the Dunham incident: “The minute feminism becomes hypercritical and humorless, it becomes too easy for the mainstream to dismiss our more valid complaints.”

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