Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Love Is

Angels Among Us

* five fluffy pillows
* citrus-coriander lotion
* breakfast in bed
* "Relax, enjoy. Think of it as a vacation."
* "How are you, Jaanu?"
* "And what about my friend Freedom?"

Love is a loop of communication. A roof over the head, food in the belly. A hundred-plus miles in a blizzard over ice and through snowdrifts.

Love is the gift of life, bestowed unblinkingly and without reservation.

There are angels and heroes among us. They walk with us every day. Pay it forward. Pour Love into the universe.

Juro a mi Dios Altísimo que tengo al besti más extraordinariamente y fantásticamente impresionante
(y el más bello) en el mundo. Adonai yibarach at ha yadahim ha manikim hayim. Además tengo a una
héroe como prima.

אלוהים יברך את הידיים המעניקים חיים

(A note that this is a public post. Please go here to discuss specifics of what happened out there.)

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