Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fix It, Facebook

Social Fixer's "New Year's Resolutions" wish list for Facebook.

Social Fixer advises Facebook to listen to its users: "Yes, we are the product being sold. But unless you keep users happy, you will soon have no one left to advertise to. Users don’t pay you the money, but they are your customers too."

Among the things that Social Fixer is asking for:

* Fix the damned news feed: "We're not stupid. We know you're just manipulating the content in order to charge Pages and advertisers for their posts to actually be visible to users. And let's face it – your algorithms are terrible. Everyone I talk to is becoming disenchanted with their news feed."

* Stop with the ceaseless changes already: "We like continual improvement, but not constant random tinkering. We don't have time to re-learn how to use Facebook every 2 weeks. It's really annoying."

* Give us more control over privacy. No, more: "You want users to share more and tag more and like more and comment more, because it lets you harvest more data. ... With each update to the privacy settings, you make it more complicated and more difficult to communicate only with those people you wish to. Instead of gathering better personal data by reducing default privacy, you are making people afraid to say anything of substance because they are never sure who will see it."


  1. What are your thoughts on the aggressive linkspam with text ending in ellipsis(…) that has absolutely swamped Facebook over the last two weeks or so? As Alex Tolley informs us (Wikipedia link mine):

    One consequence if a micropayment model works, is that we may see more clickbait content as the economic driver is similar to the advertising model from the publisher’s perspective.

    1. I don't understand how linkspam ends in ellipses.