Thursday, 9 January 2014

Facebook Privacy (or not)

Facebook doesn't care about our privacy. It's time that we started to care about each other, then.

Any time that anyone interacts with a public post on Facebook, it shows up in the "news" feed of that person's contacts. No-one has any control over any aspect of this any longer.

Interactions include the following:
* Commenting on a post.
* Liking a post.

Public posts effectively include the following:
* Posts made from personal profiles which are set to "friends-of-friends" or "public."
* Any post on a Page, even those which show up as "customised."
* Any post in an open group.
* Possibly also pinned posts in closed groups.

In the case of commenting, a person's comment is displayed, as well as the post to which the comment was made. Because of this, it is important that people know that their privacy settings impact other people - not just themselves.

It is also worth a person's time and effort to learn how tagging and the privacy of tagged posts and photos impacts one's own privacy.

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