Saturday, 28 December 2013

Shining the Light through the Cracks

* small clay pots, large enough for tealight or votive candles
* socks
* hammer(s)
* (super)glue
* tealight or votive candles
* lighter(s)

Place a pot inside a sock. Smash with a hammer (remembering that you will try to reconstruct it later - please don't pulverise completely). Extract the pieces, put them together, glue in place. Don't get obsessive about closing the gaps. After the glue has dried, place a candle in each pot and light it.

Note that the light shines through the brightest from those pots which are most broken.

So it is with our lives. Being crushed by painful life experiences is painful. It is excruciating. We wonder whether our souls can survive. Our bodies cry out in pain.

However, when we allow the Light into our lives, it shines through the brokenness and lights up the world around us. Seek the healing that you need and deserve. Remember, too, to turn on your Light.

idea for the post from the following:
"Cracked Pot in the Potter’s Hands"
Monica Heffner
26 November 2012

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