Sunday, 28 December 2003

Najaf Is Fourth, not First

We Shia Muslims are, primarily, Muslims. All else comes after that.

As such, our holiest shrines are in Mecca and Madina, the mosques of Prophet Muhammad. Not Najaf. Not Karbala. Not any other city in any part of the world where Shia Muslims predominate.

Please get it right. The misinformation spewed out by the media is only aiding the increase of the divisions among Muslims and everyone in the world (as if western media wanted anything other than to divide and factionalise the Muslim world already). If a reporter is told something about Shia Islam, please - before broadcasting that rumour to the world - check it with a *scholar* of *Shia* Islam. Naturally, a Shia scholar will know the most about Shia Islam, just as a government expert will know the most about the government. You do it for them. Do it for us.

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