Monday, 29 December 2003

Prayers for Nablus

There is a photo of the city of Nablus in the files section of my very old, defunct group homepage. Nablus heads up the district of Nablus in Palestine. I got the photo from someone else's website and added the hands on my own. The original picture was taken in 1948, before the Nakbah reached Nablus. In truth, the first major assaults on Nablus did not take place until 2000, when the most recent wave of the Intifada (Uprising). Much of the city's infrastructure and architecture was damaged, and since the occupation and recurring sieges - all illegal - which have taken place since 2000, Nablus and her people have been thrust into one of the worst social and economic backslides in Palestinian history.

Nablus lies in what is today called the "West Bank". It is nestled between mountains which are known as "Jabal an-Nar" - the Mountains of Fire. One of these mountains serves as a holy site for the nearby Samaritan community. Nablus has become known as the City of Fire because of the strength and determination with which their resistance fighters resist the illegal occupation of the zionist military and militant colonists.

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