Saturday, 9 July 2016

To Muslims: On Race, Protests, and Stealing the Mic

My Dear Fellow Non-Black Muslims:
We need to talk. Actually, we need to not talk. Black People are trying to say things these days. And we Muslims are talking right over our Black siblings: Black Muslim siblings as well as Black non-Muslim siblings.

Most specifically, I spotted a notional flag for a Muslim-dominated country at a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest that was taking place somewhere in the States.


This is not our platform. This is not our place. The Black Lives Matter movement is leading this; and the space belongs to Black People. When we insert our own interests into the conversation, however we do so, we are upstaging Black People. We are diverting the spotlight away from Black People. We are stealing the mic from them.

So stop it. When you attend a Black Lives Matter event, amplify Black Lives Matter - not you. A caveat: I understand that the Black community is diverse and intersectional, and that there are Black People in many countries around the world. **IF** a BLM organiser INVITES people to express diversities in various ways, then yes, that is acceptable. Otherwise, leave your own political issues (outside of BLM) at home. Sit down, listen, and support from behind. Don't upstage BLM when their marginalised voices need to be heard. That is racist.


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