Saturday, 4 July 2015

That Racist Rag


The confederate battle flag is a racist rag, according to the very person who designed it. Trying to assign other meanings to that racist rag is futile: after that bald-faced declaration by its designer, the flag was taken up by segregationists as a symbol of rebellion against the pro-integration government. Then it was adopted by white supremacists and has been used by them ever since. The only "heritage" represented by this rag is white supremacy.

I will not support "General Lee." I cannot. Do you know who General Lee was? Robert E Lee. Use Google if you can't figure that one out for yourself. I would no more support him than Pol Pot (Google is your best friend). John Schneider has been using the same whiny tactics to defend the confederate rag that other closet bigots have been using: all-or-nothing rants, claims of "overly PC" (a term only ever used by racists, for God's sake), etc.

At a time when black people continue to experience discrimination in employment, housing, health care, and many other services; when black people continue to experience wage and income gaps which set them far behind whites; when various branches of government alternately support the Fair Housing Act and seek to destroy the Voting Rights Act; when cops are killing off black people at a much higher rate than whites - here you people are trying to keep a racist rag in the public eye.

And if you are so devoted to such an ugly symbol that you'd rather spend that much time and energy defending it rather than trying to solve real problems (real as compared to attributing some kind of positive value to that piece of smut) such as poverty, homelessness, hungry, lack of access to health care, and violence, honestly, that doesn't say anything terribly positive about your quality as a human being.

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