Thursday, 16 July 2015

Muslim Apologies: We'll Get to It After You

"Asking me to condemn means you might think that I wouldn’t. It means that there is something about me, something that makes you wonder whether or not I condemn. You might get to wonder such things if I had made some crazy video, or I had given some crazy speech. But I have done no such thing.

"I have no obligation to condemn. There is nothing about me that would even remotely suggest anything different. There is no evidence, except for the fact that I happen to celebrate certain holidays, however casually. And it sounds like that is enough for you."
-Amer Zahr, "I Refuse to Condemn," The Civil Arab, 09 January 2015

Image: Have you apologised for this yet? [Image of Dylan Roof.] We'll get around to it after you. [Image of Chattanooga shooting.'

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