Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Morning Thoughts, 19 April 2015

On the EWTN Mass, my fave priest at the pulpit today. There are times when he acts as though he were Fam. In addition, he can actually sing. Beautiful pipe organ music. One point of contention: there was NO Old Testament reading. I was so disappointed. All three readings from the NT. Why, EWTN, why? Not hype about the sermon, but at least it wasn't politicised.

Got up at 7 am. A win for me. Hoping to move that up to 6:30.

My brain seems to be settling down after the excitement of the past couple of weeks. Thank God. Had a "scary" dream last night, but it was nothing more than a horror flick playing in my head. It was fun to watch.

Finally broke down and got some whole wheat "tortilla" wraps. It works so, so much better for me than plain wheat wraps. However, they simply do not hold a candle to the whole wheat wraps from La Estrella in Saginaw, Michigan.

Tried oolong tea because it is fair trade (stand up against slavery). Light, easily sweetened. It didn't brew as dark as black tea. Still not sure what is in it. I am so glad, though, to have it and to have spent money on a fair trade item. This is in contrast with the tube of spearmint chapstick that I bought from Walmart. I am so sorry, World.

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Posted by Howard M. Sharper on Sunday, April 19, 2015

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