Thursday, 30 April 2015

Amazon Fail

The email which I submitted to Amazon dot com's "Help" department.

I have attempted four times to submit a review for a book which I have read, "The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities." Each attempt has been unsuccessful. The error message that I have received - the same one each time - has been unhelpful in guiding me towards a more acceptable review. I lack the time and technical expertise required to be a spam artist. I have made changes in the text each time that I have submitted it. I have added an explanation of how the "Crisis" benefited me personally. Through it all, I have kept in mind the fact that "Crisis" is read by academic scholars and has been used as a textbook for university courses and have aimed my review at that audience in particular.

I have begun to look at Google Books as a possible repository for my praise of this book, given the difficulties that I have encountered at your site. It will certainly be my destination of choice when I rate the dictionary which I am about to receive from Amazon, as well as any books which I have been blessed to check out from my library.

Even so, I would like to satisfy your requirements just for this one review, please and thank you so much.

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