Sunday, 12 January 2014

Facebook Knows Best, Dear (random public settings)

Good Morning, Lovelies!

Facebook has once again decided that it knows what is best for us all. It has been switching people's privacy settings to "public" so that all of their posts have gone public.

This means that 1. everything that you've been saying recently is visible to the entire world and 2. anything that others do in response (liking, commenting) is broadcast wily-nilly to their respective contacts.

What to do about it:
1. Check your posts for a little globe which indicates a public setting. If you see that little globe on your posts, go to and "limit past posts" to friends only.

2. Before you submit your next post, click the options next to the "post" button and set it to "friends." Doing so will change the setting for that post and all future posts until you change it again.

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