Tuesday, 6 April 2004

Discussing Zawaj Naked?

Content Note: misogyny
My views have shifted significantly since I originally wrote this post more than a decade ago - namely, I do NOT consider it appropriate to shame women for how they dress, and I do NOT think it proper to force women to dress a certain way - regardless of how one personally feels that people should dress.

Date: Sun, 2 May 2004
Subject: Walakin Naltaqi

assalamu `alayklum wa rahmatullah

I was surprised to see today's "Walakin Naltaqi" show. Even though the topic of the show was the Sacred Islamic Institution of Zawaj, half of the young women in the audience - and even the female member of the panel - were dressed as if they were shameless immoral Christians, Jews, or atheists. Their hair was completely exposed, and some had dressed their hair by dying it or curling it. Several young women exposed their arms or wore tight clothing. All of this, even though one of the panelists was an `alim! I have even seen Christian women covering their heads when they attend Mass, or Jewish women covering not only their heads but also the rest of their bodies all of the time in a modest manner which exceeds the immodesty that I saw on today's show. I am ashamed to think that such as these would associate themselves with me by calling themselves "Muslims" while they act and dress like the kuffar, and that they would show so much disrespect to an `alim by showing their bodies to him shamelessly. I cannot imagine a successful marriage that is not based on the priniciples of Islam and obedience to Allah. For women, this means covering her head and wearing modest clothing. If women and men do not respect Allah their Creator, how can they possibly respect each other? I think that if such a show as this should be presented in the future that there should at least be a dress code so that the name of Islam would not be disgraced by such immorality.

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